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Combination locks come in all shapes and sizes. Combination locks consist of a dial with numbers or wheels/discs with numerals. There are also some combination locks, which use symbols and letters to increase security. A common kind of combination lock is the type of lock found on a bicycle or brief case. These locks have rotating wheels with numbers on them. In order to open this lock it must line up the correct number combination and the lock will open. These locks are a low means of security and are easily opened by other individuals, even if the combination is not known. Dial type locksthat are often found on school lockers, gates, and engraved into safes are higher in security. The dial is turned clockwise, then counterclockwise, then clockwise again with the right combination number the lock will open. Safe locks may require specialized set of tools in order to gain access into a safe. Business & Home owners will have the combination changed.

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