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Bump Key Threat:

There is a threat to the security of common standard mechanical locks, this threat is the bump key. The principle of bump keys is very simple and that is the reason why it carries such a threat to the security of over 90% of all households. Creating a bump key is very simple and cheap; or you can actually purchase a complete set of bump keys online for just a few dollars. The action of using a bump key is referred to as lock bumping; and lock bumping is the ability to manipulate a lock with a regular key that is simply cut in a very specific way. Lock bumping a lock can take just a few seconds for some with very little experience. It takes very little skill and does not require and special equipment, in most cases a key blank, a file and screwdriver will be sufficient.

With the new technology age and the wide spread of information on the internet more and more people are learning about this simple method to manipulate your conventional lock. There are complete “How to” guides and instructions easily found online allowing even someone with absolutely no technical skill to learn how to bump key a lock. The solution to bump keying is to have high security locks which are known to be “bump proof”. Conventional locks are vulnerable to simple intruder attacks such as picking, drilling or making unauthorized copies of keys. High security locks have more than just a primary locking system, but also have a secondary one as well.

A common scenario we see often is customers that call in after their home was broken into most likely with a bump key. There is no sign of forced entry when bumping a lock and therefore even insurance companies will not accept the claim of burglary and just assume you had left your door unlocked. You can actually get burglarized and have all your valuable belongings stolen yet still you will not be able to have your insurance company cover your losses.

There are a few popular misleading suggestions for protecting yourself against bump keying such as the following:

• As long as you have an alarm system you have nothing to worry about. False. An alarm system simply notifies someone that an intrusion has been detected. With the average response time for alarms growing this will not have much effect as the break in has already been done.
• Use of sliding bolts to lock your door from the inside. False. This may be helpful only when you are present and in the property, but you cannot lock these sliding bolts when you are not inside the house.


• Over 90% of households in America use a conventional lock which is vulnerable to lock bumping.
• If you have a standard lock, it can be bumped easily.
• Anyone can produce a lock bumping key in just a few minutes.
• If your home is broken into using a bump key, there will be no signs of forced entry or damage. This will result in having your insurance company deny any claims of burglary on your part.
• With everyone sharing information on the internet about how to bump key a lock and with bump keys offered for sale online for just a few dollars; it is definitely time to protect yourself with a high security lock High Security Locks that are resistant to Bumping.

We can help protect your home/bussiness locks from being vulnerable to bumping! Call (302)424-1622 or (302) 945-1622 to set up a meeting today!

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